Underdog Tech Award Shortlist

Victor Juarez
Tu Consejeria

As the founder of TuConsejeria, a web-based solution that connects young and young adult populations with mental health professionals, Mr. Victor Juarez has been working on closing the access gap for underserved communities in Central America. With more than 17 years of experience in various sectors, including business, education, investment, entrepreneurship, migration, and tourism, he has a strong passion for social impact and innovation with a mission to empower and support the mental well-being of his fellow Guatemalans and the youth in the region.

Basima Abdulrahman

Basima Abdulrahman is a seasoned green tech entrepreneur with more than 15 years of expertise in the field. She is the founder and CEO of KESK, a company that combines renewable energy technologies with software solutions in Iraq. From 2019 to 2022, Basima served as a Board Member for the World Economic Forum Foundation and worked with the United Nations in Iraq during the conflict against ISIS. She is widely recognized as a thought leader in the Greentech sector, and her insights have been prominently featured in reputable publications. Basima is frequently sought after as an international speaker. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering and a Master's degree in Structural Engineering from Auburn University in the USA. Furthermore, she has been accredited as a professional by the US Green Building Council since 2016.

Elmira Safarova
Rarus Health

Elmira is passionate leader with local and international experience in pharma industry & biotech statrtups. Accomplished executive with deep understanding of science, R&D and business development. Elmira has a creativity & entrepreneurial approach to the complicated projects, people management and strategy dev. She thrives in a dynamic culture, drives execution and operations, understanding of the drug R&D process.

Omar Ahmed Abdelwahed and Ibrahim Karim Eid

Propelled by the prospect of banking the unbanked that make up 84% of Egypt’s population, Omar Abdelwahed co-founded and serves as CEO of Valify Solutions, an Egypt-based RegTech company created in 2018 that specialises in digital identity infrastructure technology. What sets apart Abdelwahed’s Valify amidst the global movement towards financial inclusion is that it was built bearing a specialist ability to adapt to endemic cultural aspects and navigate some of the challenges historically causing the headache that inhibits financial integration in the MENA region, such as extracting data from Arabic-language identity documents and conducting face-matches for users wearing headscarves or other religious garments. Ibrahim Eid has a diverse range of work experience. Ibrahim'smost recent role was as the Co-Founder and COO of Valify Solutions, a position they have held since February 2019. Prior to that, they co-founded Cizlo in September 2017 and held the role of Co-Founder until January 2019. Ibrahim also has experience as an Economic Researcher at Thebes Consultancy from February 2017 to August 2017. Ibrahim was an Investment Banking Analyst at CI Capital Holding in September 2016, and they started their career as a Summer Intern at Bank Audi in July 2015. Ibrahim Eid completed their Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) degree in Finance, General at The American University in Cairo from 2012 to 2016.

Carlos Andrés García Iguarán

Investment portfolio manager at GIA Kapital and Co-founder of the Numera project with which Mr. Carlos Andrés García Iguarán is going to change the management of data for Colombian companies. To do this, he developed a platform that automatically captures information from the DIAN, from the banks and with a Virtual Filing Window to receive other documents. Developed AI algorithms and models process the captured information and send the accounting records to our clients' ERPs. Mr. Carlos Andrés García Iguarán is a Mentor of the Mega Trajectory Companies Program of the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce

Amos Muthoni Kimani

Amos Kimani Muthoni, 31 years old, has a diverse educational background and professional experience. He attended Kahawa Primary School for his primary education and later enrolled at Komothai Boys High School for his secondary education. After completing high school, Amos pursued a Diploma in Human Resource and Development. In addition to his academic achievements, Amos had a successful career as a professional popular musician in Kenya from 2013 to 2017. However, Amos decided to transition from music and venture into entrepreneurship. In 2017, Amos embarked on a new journey and founded his startup called TausiApp. The specific nature of TausiApp is not provided, but it suggests that Amos took an entrepreneurial path and developed his own business. This indicates his ambition, innovation, and desire to explore new opportunities.

Mostafa Dawoud

Mostafa is the Founder and CEO of Dentolize, a dental practice management solution can be customized to suit any practice. After working in EGYPTAIR and British Airways for over six years, he decided to launch Dentolize in 2021 that is currently serving 19 countries. In 2023, Mostafa won an award by EGBANK as a top voted founder.

Roikhanatun Nafi'ah

Ms. Roikhanatun Nafi'ah is professional in business, innovation technology, renewable energy, social community, and partnerships. She is innovative and efficient in carrying out various improvement & innovation projects with excellent results. Focus on renewable energy & smart IoT, Manufacturing Excellence or Continues Improvement (Improvement Project) in manufacturing, handling export-import strategies as a manager peer. Open collaboration for managing projects in industry or community improvements, like recommending the company solve the problems and honest cooperation to handle the social project.

Chandramouli Samatham
Caare Healthtech Services

As the founder of Caare Foundation and Caare.in, Mr. Chandramouli Samatham is on a mission to provide basic healthcare to rural communities directly in their homes. With an MBA in marketing and over 15 years of experience in sales management and development. He leverages his skills and experience to empower the health workers in rural areas with his simplified mobile app, which allows to connect the rural patients with the specialist doctors in the city. Through this, he hopes to bridge the gap between rural and urban healthcare and make a positive impact on the lives of thousands of people.

Ashraf Bacheet
O7 Therapy

As an accomplished executive with a background in entrepreneurship and technology startups, Ashraf brings a unique blend of innovation and strategic leadership to the table. With over 20 years of experience, he has a proven track record of success in building and scaling businesses from the ground up. Throughout his career, Ashraf has demonstrated a keen ability to identify emerging trends and leverage technology to drive growth and improve outcomes. In his most recent role as CEO and cofounder of O7 Therapy, he led the organization through a period of rapid growth, securing key partnerships and driving revenue growth.

Royford Mutegi
Vermi-Farm Initiative

Mr. Royford Mutegi is Co-Founder and Executive Director for Vermi-Farm Initiative LTD, which promotes an integrated waste management system by raising awareness around vermicomposting through workshops to farmers and providing additional job opportunities. Royford is a passionate mentor to primary and high school students. In recognition for his commitment by leading ethically, to deliver positive change, 2019, he has feted the honoree Individual CSR Award by Work Her Dream Organization. In 2020, Royford was nominated as the Canopy Lab Brand Ambassador in Kenya.

Sadman Sadek
Digital Innovation for Impact

Sadman is the founder of Digital Innovations for Impact. He has over a decade of experience in the digital development space and led the implementation of several ICT4D programs across South Asia and Africa valued at more than $8 million. He has prior work experience as a software engineer at a Intel Subsidiary and Social impact project borne out of Microsoft Research.

Akhlad Mohamed Alabhar

Strategic Thinker with exceptional analytical & problem-solving expertise Mr. Alabhar is a founder & CEO at EGROBOTS. With 12+ years of experience in the area of Data Warehousing, Business Data Analysis, Data Mining, and Machine Learning. He built advanced Banking Transactional Chatbot in the middle east using IBM Watson, with more than 700 different intents, also he managed the implementation of different AI use cases that resolve real banking problems using computer vision, data mining, and advanced analytics.

Julian Garcia

Mr. GarciaI serves as an Operational Leader in Business Units having responsibility for managing Budget, billing, Labor and Raw Material expenses. He has managed accounts with billings exceeding US$12 million annually, directing teams of more than 220 people under a unionized agreement. Julian achieved certifications in ISO 9000 and Joint Commission International in health entities and specializes in the analysis, planning and execution of operational processes. Operations consultant in processes and management.

Biplab Karki
Hyperce LLC

Biplab Karki is a Founder&CEO of Hyperce: AI platform which offer businesses of all sizes innovative and customizable ecommerce solutions that follow future trends. Mr. Karki has a passion for creating and building new things, and has always been drawn to the world of business and self-employment. He enjoys the freedom and flexibility that comes with being his own boss, and driven to succeed in all of his endeavors.

Mohamed Tarek

Mr. Tarek, is an environmental engineer with a strong focus on multitasking and an enthusiastic approach to projects. He possesses powerful leadership skills and strive to make a significant impact on the teams and projects he is responsible for. He has taken part in numerous events, competitions, and extracurricular activities. He excelled in competitions like Climate Launchpad and NASA Space App, receiving private awards for his contributions. Additionally, his team reached the finals of the International Natural Sciences Tournament (INST).

Felipe Castañeda

With over ten years of experience in planning, operations, logistics, and sales in consumer goods and automotive retail companies, Felipe has recently transitioned to technology startups with a focus on opening new markets across LATAM and founding initiatives with social impact. As a commercial-minded entrepreneur, he possess advanced knowledge of process optimization, efficient resource management, positive team influence, and a strategic vision that facilitates the achievement of set goals. He is a proactive, organized, decisive, and analytical professional with a proven track record of building and leading successful teams in sales and operations across various contexts and contingencies.

Constantine Fedosev

As an architect, designer, and entrepreneur, Constantine is inspired by the intersection of space, architecture, and new technology. He is a strong background in sustainable design, having won an architect competition for his ecological projects and leading the development of the first 3D printed sport car. As the founder of Design Fabrika and Visionary, he has the skills and expertise to tackle any design challenge, with a focus on sustainability and renewables. Whether it's designing innovative buildings or developing energy storage solutions, Constantine driven to create positive impact through his work.

Abdelrahman Rashwan

Mr. Rashwan is a CEO of Credify, self-learner with an Engineering background and a passion for analytics, digital transformation and optimization. Credify empowers digital lenders with alternative data insights, optimizing creditworthiness assessment at the point of application and driving hyper-personalized marketing post-onboarding.

Saúl Paniagua-Lapenta

He was External Advisor in Business Innovation at Cainco (Bolivia Chamber of Industry and Commerce). He has a strong educational background with a combination of degrees, certifications, and executive training programs in various areas of business and leadership. Won Entrepreneur of the year 2021 Award awarded by the Federation of Private Entrepreneurs “Juventud Empresa” and "Young Leadership" Award from the Swedish Kinnevick business group. Saúl Paniagua-Lapenta is a principal director of the Federation of Young Entrepreneurs of Bolivia “Juventud Empresa” and a director of the “Bolivia Science Clubs” foundation.